About us


/ säv(e)ren


  • Acting or done independently and without outside interference 

  • In modern democracies, the people's will 

  • Very good or effective


We are a value-driven company with a passion for celebrating independence in the home experience.

The Sovereign Furniture story is a natural progression, starting with a simple desire to provide furniture to our student housing communities which encapsulate functionality, design and value bolstered by exceptional customer service. Frustrated with the lackluster options available to our market, we set out to provide quality products because we knew we could do better. So, we did. 

In a short amount of time, Sovereign Furniture has emerged as a leader in a copycat industry, distinguished by our fresh approach to quality and service. We firmly believe property owners and managers can, with minimal effort and cost, elevate the home experience of their residents by selecting well-crafted, stylish pieces which resonate with the future professional aspirations of their residents. 

The Sovereign aesthetic is a blurring of influences and geographic boundaries in a global mix of elements sourced from designers and artisans from all corners of the world.